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In recent years the amount of video traffic has trebled. This is just one of several statistics that all point towards the same thing, people prefer video. This rapid growth isn’t by accident. Our mobile devices and social platforms are all more friendly to video content than they were a decade ago. Faster data speeds […]

There is no doubt that videos are a great marketing tool, but they are not the easiest things to master or manage. There is far more to creating video content than just having someone play a part or answer questions while you film it on your phone. Although smartphone cameras and low-cost editing tools have […]

Social media has grown to be larger than anyone imagined when it started. It now has more than 2.65 billion users, and this is estimated to rise to 3.1 billion by 2021. It is one of the most popular online activities and has become a major source of news and information. It gives people the […]

According to Yum Yum Videos’ 2019 Video Marketing Trends Survey, 87% of business owners are satisfied with the ROI of previous video marketing campaigns. And the satisfaction levels with ROI of explainer videos came to a whopping 92%. Some 89% of those surveyed said they experienced an increase in conversions due to the use of […]

When you think of traditional corporate video production there is a stereotype of the video being boring and dull. Now in the past this was correct. Corporate video production used to not be very engaging, simply a tool for brand awareness. However, the video production landscape has changed. Video is now more engaging and the […]

You may have heard the term SEO countless times before or you may not have at all. If you are a business owner chances are you have heard of SEO and if you haven’t, you need to start researching. For many who aren’t familiar with digital marketing terminology, SEO might be a term to scratch […]

At Estivus we work with small to large business owners of every kind, even individuals alike. Through the years we have noticed some common mistakes people make when requesting our video production services and throughout the process. We hope to shed some light on 3 video production mistakes to avoid. Read on for our insights. […]